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Welcome To Unite Abilities

Unite Abilities is an online platform dedicated to uniting the disability industry. Giving each their own voice so together we can connect, share, support and promote change. A place that unites individuals with communities, organisations with customers and people’s questions with those who have answers. A place to call our own, with all disability communities and voices coming together turning our industry into our community.

If you are an organisation, worker in the industry, family member or a self managing person with a disability, here at Unite Abilities you can Find Your Voice.

  • Create Your Profile

    Get started by creating your own company or individual profile.

  • Get Connected

    Connect with companies, members and groups to build your news feed.

  • Find Your Voice

    Join in on group discussions, share content with other members and build your community.

Unite abilities takes the best parts of current digital trends and unites them in order to create a simple, intuitive and feature rich platform for the disability industry.

“Our mission is to give a voice to every disability organisation, participant and industry professional, in order to connect, share, collaborate, support and grow the communities that make up our industry” 

The members section is a powerful feature that brings Unite Abilities to life. By giving companies and individuals their own voice we can turn our industry into our community. The members section has a number of ways to filter and search for profiles which turns Unite Abilities into a disability directory. Unlike other directories where you just see the communities, here at Unite Abilities you also see the individuals and companies that make our communities.

With your own profile you are able to connect with others and as you follow along you will be able to keep connected via your own personalised news feed. A truly powerful way to follow along with what’s happening within our industry, your communities and with what matters most to you.

  • Your Profile

    Share details about yourself, link to your other social accounts, website and even share your location to help people find and connect with you or your company.

  • Profile Wall

    Post updates, photos, videos, links and documents to your company or individual profile wall. Choose who can see your wall updates and share your voice with others.

  • News Feed

    Build your personal news feed by joining groups, following or becoming friends with others to build your network, keep informed and hear the voices of others.

  • Private Messages

    Send and receive private messages with those you have become friends with. Manage your messages in your personal inbox and receive email notifications.

  • Write Posts

    Individual and company profiles can activate the ability to write posts using their profile turning their Unite Abilities profile into a blogging platform.

  • Create Events

    Each user profile can create events sharing event details, times, date and location. Members can select attending, not attending or maybe so others can see who’s going.

If you are looking to provide your community with a place to discuss various topics and become better connected, then Unite Abilities groups are what you’re looking for. Groups are a gathering of members coming together using the features Unite Abilities provides in order to have a place online to connect.

Within the groups section of the site, members can search for groups of interest to them or start their own. Groups are given their own news feed, forum, events and documents to work more productively or come together around a common goal. Groups can be either public, private or completely hidden.

  • Control Access

    When creating a group administrators can choose to have the group public for anyone to join, private for accepted members only or hidden so only those invited to join can see.

  • Share Location

    Share the groups location to help those searching for communities and groups in their local area to find you. Great for disability social, networking or support groups.

  • Admin & Moderators

    Administrators of groups can promote members to a moderators role to help with managing the group and posting content.

  • Wall & Forum

    Each group is given their own wall for all members to post content to. Administrators can also choose to enable a group forum for discussing various topics.

  • Group Events

    Administrators can activate and control who can post events to the group with the option to automatically send out email notifications each time a new event is created.

  • Group Documents

    Share files with group members by activating group documents. Create your own categories, control who can upload documents, give it a title and short description.

The disability industry is filled with people looking to promote, build or present their services and products to the industry. To get the message out about products and services, disability directories have been used for marketing purposes. Unite Abilities not only acts as a directory but also as a marketplace, customer service portal and business management platform.

Pages are the place to find or present information about services, sell or buy products, tickets to events, access to informational content, charity fundraising and more. Untie Abilities pages are not just about promoting business but growing.

  • Custom Design

    Choose a page template to get started and customise your page the way it best suits your needs. Create beautiful sliders,post a range pf different content and edit the navigation panel.

  • Powerful Backend

    As an owner of a page, you will have access to the backed in order to create, edit and manage your page. A powerful and simple management tool with plenty of tutorials to help you along the way.

  • Online Store

    Create your own eCommerce store with your Unite Abilities page. Sell products, take orders, payment and have our system do all the invoicing for you.

  • Take Donations

    Provide a place for people to support your organisation or charity using the Unite Abilities fundraising feature. Create a fundraising campaign, set a goal and take pledges.

  • Sell Tickets

    Unite Abilities pages allow for a more advanced use of events within the site. Page events allow you to take payments for tickets, manage bookings, import events from facebook and your google calendar.

  • Provide Support

    Each page has the ability to activate a forum in order to provide support and answer any questions that people may have.